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Kira is taken to the doctor’s facility, where it creates the impression that she has quickened mending. Alison returns home to find that Aynsley is holding a mediation in regards to her past conduct and addictions. Under Felix’s consolation, Alison turns the tables by investigating Aynsley. Workmanship discovers CCTV film of the prepare station where Beth conferred suicide, and finds that Sarah has been mimicking her. Cosima discovers that Delphine released the names of the clones to Leekie and stands up to her. Delphine uncovers that she thinks about Kira’s presence yet chose not to tell Leekie, knowing her life could come into peril should he know (Kira is the main known natural offspring of a clone). Sarah meets with Leekie, who needs her to spare Helena from the Proletheans, the fanatics who influenced her. Tomas rebuffed Helena for opposing requests, yet she is later protected by Sarah and betrays Tomas. They later come back to Mrs. S, who has contacted her contacts in England, and meet with Amelia, Sarah’s introduction to the world mother. Amelia uncovers that she gave her away and fled in the wake of acknowledging she was a surrogate mother to Dyad researchers. Moreover, Amelia brought forth twins; Helena is Sarah’s twin sister.

Director: Ken Girotti
Genres: Science fiction, Biopunk, Drama, Thriller

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